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MTI Instructors and Curriculum Developers are Proud Members of The:

           MTI 599 Photos

Henry Ford Museum
MTI 599DT Detroit

Museum of Science & Industry
MTI 599CS-Math & Science- Chicago

MTI 599CN-Arts & Humanities-Chicago

Ann Arbor Hands On Museum
MTI 599AA-Ann Arbor, Michigan

              Sony Wonder Technology Lab
          MTI 599NY-Manhattan (1), New York

                        Brooklyn Zoo
              MTI 599BL-Brooklyn, New York

Unique "Teaching Beyond the Textbook" Field-Trip  
Graduate Courses.


Each class is (3) graduate credits through our University Partner Calumet College of St. Joseph.

What is Teaching Beyond the Textbook?
The purpose of these classes are to provide teachers with a variety of educational related experiences outside of their regular classroom. More than ever, our students are visual learners who need to see what we are talking about to reinforce our classroom instruction. Teaching Beyond the Textbook is designed to help teachers understand how these educational "Field Trip" sites can be beneficial to our students, and to make sure that they are familiar with the logistics of the locations. Many of our educational learning sites feature guided tours, educational resources for loan to schools, and a variety of other programs that can help you provide the best possible experience to your students. Get out of the classroom and explore, all while earning 3 graduate credits.   All TBT courses cost $450, click here for group discounts which could significantly reduce your price!!

                                   COMING SUMMER 2015
Classes Being Held in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit and New York. More Cities To Be Added.

Are you interested in bringing an ONSITE Field Trip class to your city? Click on the Teaching Opportunities page below for more information.

                                             Teaching Opportunities

Become an Independent Contractor for

If you are interested in teaching with us, visit our Teaching Opportunities page
.  We are looking for people to teach our classes as well as to develop new courses. 

If you develop a new course, we will pay you a one-time bonus of $350 after you teach your first class.  The rest of your pay is based on the number of teachers who take your course:

Please click here .


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